If You Know More is Possible in Your Life and You’re Ready to Create it Then You Have Come to The Right Place…


What if you didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on therapy to move beyond your limitations and create the life you really desire and… know you deserve?

The good news is… I am here to offer you a different possibility!

What if change doesn’t happen from hoping and dreaming? What if creating lasting change requires that you learn how to make new choices. When you work with me you’ll receive a treasure chest filled with easy to use tools for creating change. I’ll guide you on how to do this every step of the way.

What if, by learning to ask questions instead of looking for answers, you could know what is true for YOU?

When you know what is true for you, you can begin to create the life you really desire, starting from where you are right now.

Are You Ready to Create a New Possibility in Your Life?

This is My Special Invitation Just For You …

What people say about Nirmada and her coaching:

“There are few people I know that demand the change and potency like Nirmada. She is a fun, playful and potent invitation to stepping up and stepping out to be all that I can be beyond any limitation I thought was holding me back.

“During my divorce, her facilitation opened up the door to possibilities I had not considered before. As a result, I completed my divorce with greater ease than I thought I could have. So, if you are ready for fast change beyond what you thought was possible, schedule your body processes, verbal processing and coaching sessions with Nirmada and be ready to be more of the gift YOU be.”

— Sylvia Puentes,  www.siendoladona.com


Nirmada changed my life forever. She was beyond generous with her resources, energy and knowledge. She encouraged me to explore my creative skills and acquire enough business experience to ultimately become the sole proprietor of my own company, which prospered beyond my wildest dreams.

I am now living my ultimate dream! This life would not have been possible without the influence of my dear mentor. 

Thank you for believing in me, Nirmada.”

— Wendy Ansel, Owner of Rocks and Runes, www.rocksandrunes.com


“I sought out Nirmada for support with my relationship. Nirmada was able to cut through and see the underlying points of view I had that were causing limitations. With Nirmada’s direct and no-nonsense approach I was able to look at this in a different way than I ever had before. With Nirmada’s support I stopped being shy about asking for what I really wanted. Thank you Nirmada for the inspiration to make new and different choices! I’m so very grateful.”

— Heather Smith


“Nirmada has a gift for working with bodies. She is very intuitive, gentle and kind. I always leave her sessions feeling more relaxed, softened and connected to my body.”

— Lauren Polly


“Just being in Nirmada’s presence is life changing. She has cleared monstrous self-created blocks for me and helped me realize and move toward what I really want – all that and doing remote physical healing, too. Wow!”

— Sage Lee


“Nirmada is a fantastic Access Consciousness facilitator. With her facilitation I was able to get clear about my relationship. She guided me to see what I really desire and then showed me how I can create that in my life. I received clearings and awarenesses that gave me a radically different approach to my relationship. With each question I asked, Nirmada quickly facilitated me to find a new possibility for myself. She encouraged me to use the Access Consciousness tools between our sessions in a way that created breakthroughs I never would have imagined could happen so fast.”

— Elle Ivy


If You’re Here, You May be Experiencing Some or All
of The Following:

  • You sense that something is “missing” from your life
  • You know so much more is possible—yet you’re just not sure how to create it
  • You’ve spent thousands of dollars and tons of time in therapy or personal development,
     and you still haven’t created the change you desire
  • You’re wondering how some people have it so easy while the life you desire seems so far away

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